Berry and Rosie’s Cherry Popping Adventure

Last Sunday, new B-teamers Berry Her and Rosie Rocketpants went to the cherry popper hosted by Oxford Wheels of Glory, where they were cheered on by their captain – Atomic Affliction.

The Cheap Skates took with win, scoring 246 to the High Rollers 160 and within those two teams, there were a lot of well known names, such as: Milton Keynes Roller Derby, Red, White and Bruise rollers, South West Angels of Terror, Big Bucks High Rollers, Vendetta Vixens, Basingstoke Bullets and Wiltshire Roller Derby.

When speaking of their time, Berry said that it was , “Cherry Popping Derby Fun,” and Rosie had this to say, “Its all a bit of a blur, but it was awesome and fun,” so this adventure can definitely be rated as a worthwhile one for those two. But what did our captain think?

After asking Atomic for her take on the day, it sounds like she couldn’t be prouder, “Berry’s blocking was off the chart, she shouted loud and jammed against a pretty formidable wall!…Rosie had a 25 point jam, did an Apex jump and got MVP!”

Bring on the next adventure!

More Wench crushes created/increased

Wenches Gotham Game and BootcampThis weekend some of our lucky Wenches went to the Gotham bootcamp and Gotham vs. LRG game, where they learnt a lot, thanks to a ‘high level of coaching’ – Atomic Affliction, as well as seeing some amazing gameplay. Or maybe their favourite part was getting this sneaky picture with Suzy Hotrod?

(Photo credit: Awesome’s phone and a kindly stranger)

Wenches go Ballistic playing with Juke Boxx!

Wenches with Juke BoxLast night the Wenches had a visit from the amazing Juke Boxx and Ballistic Whistle. The session covered all kinds of new skills, positions and laughs but the most interesting part of it all may have been the number of derby crushes that many Wenches now have on Juke Boxx! This means that they will be very happy to see Juke Boxx and Ballistic Whistle again tonight for the second part of the bootcamp.

(Photo credit goes to a Wenchette who came along to watch and very kindly took it so I could get in there too)

Wenches turn four!

Birthday cakeLast weekend the Wenches celebrated their fourth birthday in style. Not the type to do things by halves, the Wenches had two parties, one in the day complete with a selection of bouncy castle style entertainment and a party in the evening involving dancing and awards.

For anyone who is interested, the cake was made by the lovely Tess of the Derbywheels and it was delicious! Thanks to the wonderful Phil Tickner for the photo and we hope to have the rest of his album on our upcoming gallery page.

Rogue Runs Wenches Ragged


Last weekend, the magnificent Rogue Runner put the Wenches through their paces, in a fantastic four hour session.

The Wenches and their refs (and a few Dogs) worked on various skills, including distance apex jumping, powering through walls and plenty of other jammer tricks so watch out all!

A new gallery is coming soon to the site, so stay tuned for the rest of the photos.


Many thanks to Up Anne Atom (and a random camera I found at home) for the photos and a massive thank you to Rogue Runner for everything she taught us, it was well worth the time and sweat!

For more information on Rogue’s services, please visit:


Wenches win battle against Kent!

Yesterday, the Wenches won against the wonderful Kent Roller Girls. The final score was an amazing 209-135, which means that the Wenches should go up in the rankings by at least one place, making the Wenches’ rankings climbing ambitions even more of a reality.

Also a well done to our skaters who played in the mixed game: Atomic Affliction, Buns of Anarchy, No Pain No Elaine, Smash Hips, Up Anne Atom and Wheelma Flintstone.

Victory for the Wenches!

Wench pyramidOn Saturday, the Portsmouth Roller Wenches went out there and did what they do best, skate as a team. The A-team took on Harbour Harlots from Bristol and despite the Harlots being many places above them in the rankings, they brought home a win, 286-118. The B-team then battled it out with Bath Roller Derby Girls and have once again managed to climb in the rankings, scoring 236-102. The Wenches then celebrated with a display of their incredible team work.



(Photo credit: Andrew Paul Hayward – Raw Speed)

Ten reasons you need to see this game – reason 10

Reason 10 – Because you’ve had enough reasons!

Well here we are at the end of the countdown, it’s game day tomorrow and we’re hoping to see you all there but just in case you’re not sure yet, here’s our list of reasons once again.

So you met our B-team – relatively young in derby terms but more than ready to keep proving themselves.

You then met our A-team, who are swiftly climbing up the rankings.

Then there’s a wonderful little girl called Grace, for whom we’re doing some fundraising.

We then told you about the special online price for buying tickets (you may be running out of time on that one though).

After that, you discovered how far both teams have come in the rankings.

Then, there’s the Bath and Bristol teams, our worthy opponents.

Not to mention that our afterparty is destined to be yet another success.

Don’t forget our wonderful stalls and raffle prizes.

If that’s still not convincing enough then why not listen to some Wenches and Scurvy Dogs.

And if you’re still not sure then come see us anyway!

24th May 2014, Havant Leisure Centre, doors open 1:30, first whistle 2:00!
PRW A vs Harbour Harlots, PRW B vs Bath Roller Derby Girls

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Stay tuned for…THE GAME!

Ten reasons you need to see this game – reason 9

Reason 9: Because it’s roller derby!

And if that wasn’t convincing enough for you, here are some quotes that may help:

“Tights, hotpants, skates and some violence… Perfect Saturday afternoon viewing.” – No Pain No Elaine

“I think roller derby is great because everyone is included :) ” – Meager Tron (Portsmouth Scurvy Dog)

“The best sort of exercise- when you’re having so much fun you don’t realise you’ve sweated your butt off” – Connie Stitch-Up

“The other amazing thing about it is the respect for all other teams. There’s no aggressive rivalry like in some mainstream sports” – No Pain No Elaine

“You don’t just join a sport, you join a family (very cheesy but that’s how it feels!!)” – Rollschach (Portsmouth Scurvy Dog)

“It allows everyone of all backgrounds / abilities to participate without judgment or discrimination :) ” – No Pain No Elaine

“Because we are all equal. Doesn’t matter what we pee out of, what country we are from, religion, sexuality or size. Roller derby is love, peace and unity!” – Peggy Peril

“Roller Derby is a perfect spectator sport- there’s tactics, hard hits, and a load of women going all out for glory for their home cities!” – R.I.P. McMurphy

“Because, as demonstrated above, it means different things to different people (some for the serious side of the sport, others for a way to keep fit/have fun/learn new things etc.) but we’re all united as a group of people accepted in doing something we enjoy, for whatever reason.” – No Pain No Elaine

24th May 2014, Havant Leisure Centre, doors open 1:30, first whistle 2:00!
PRW A vs Harbour Harlots, PRW B vs Bath Roller Derby Girls

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Stay tuned for reason 10: Because we’ve given you enough reasons

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